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the big sleep essay

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Marlowe is forced to take off his jacket and throughout the scene his perspiration becomes visible. The emotional effect makes one feel very uncomfortable. The effect is almost distracting much like some of the extraneous information which Marlowe will have to sift through during the course of the narrative. Sternwood himself resembles a spider waiting for a fly to get caught in his web. Marlowe is his sweaty prey who drinks brandy just to keep hydrated. This is not to imply that Sternwood is a threat to marlowe, who respects his employer and never compromises his employer confidentiality.

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The foyer is cavernous and elegantly decorated with wood carved paneling on the walls. A large chandelier hangs overhead and an oriental rug covers the floor. Carmen Sternwood, the youngest daughter, descends the staircase into the entryway. Carmen acts very childish and flirts with Marlowe while the butler goes to announce his arrival to general Sternwood. Marlowe is more amused trouble with behavior then anything else. Hawks uses the effect of proximity by having Carmen fall into marlowes arms in a flirtty manner. The premise is setup in the meeting between General Sternwood and Marlowe. The general is an elderly man who is confined to a wheel chair. He spends most of his day in the greenhouse because his weakness requires him to be in a warm environment. The space resembles a tropical forest with orchids and large exotic plants.

There are five murders which take place during the film and Owen taylor and sean Regan who are constantly mentioned are barely in the film. Hawks epitomizes the trademarks of film noir in The big Sleep. High contrast lighting, which mixes harsh highlights with deep black shadows, obscure and low angle camera setups and the deep focus, a relatively new technology that allowed for a wider depth of field, were all masterfully executed in this film. The imagery in the film creates a dark, clastrobhopic, disorienting world which matches its confusing plot line. Elements of the subject matter where inappropriate according to the Production Code so hawks had to visually imply aspects of the plot such as pornography and narcotics. Hawks creates an exotic, mysterious world befitting of the film noir genre through his use of extreme weather, darkness, close plan spaces, set dressings, artifacts, proximity between characters and camera angles. The film opens at General Sternwood mansion who has employed the helph of Philip Marlowe, played by humphrey bogart. He enters the front door and is greeted by the butler.

the big sleep essay

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However, Spade is kites a jaded hero who lacks compassion which is found in the later hard boiled detective films. When his partner Archer dies he is only concerned because of a detective code of ethics which doesnt mesh with unfinished business. Spade heroism lies in his integrity, personal loyalties and professional responsibilities. Emotional attachments are liability in his environment which is cruel and unforgiving. In order to serve in such a world the hero must remain cool and never let anybody know what is on his mind. The big Sleep is based on the 1938 novel by raymond Chandler by the same name. Philip red Marlowe, chandlers detective hero, is always involved in complex plot lines, with numerous characters and often have endings that arent entirely fulfilling. The howard Hawks 1946 version is considered to have one of the most confusing plots in film history.

Despite their anti-social behavior the audience is still able to identify with the chief protagonist. The hard boiled detective is a less morally ambiguous character, but is still dark and jaded. They started to appear during the 30's and 40's as an alternative to a classic murder mystery. Film noir was a departure from the rules laid down by Sherlock holmes. The filmakers wanted to create a darker reality for the screen. John Hustons The maltese falcon starring Humphrey bogart and Mary Astor was released by warner Brothers in 1941. Same Spade, played by bogart, is employed to recover a statue of a falcon garnished in jewels. Spade was a new type of detective hero and he influences every film noir detective made after the The maltese falcon.

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the big sleep essay

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The resume big Sleep, a hero is the main character of a story who solves the insisting conflict through intuition, skill and knowledge he gained through the course of a narrative. The archetypal hero is a tradition that dates back to the Arthurian legends. Medieval knights make the ultimate warrior hero. They essays are covered head to toe with metal and are armed with large steel weapons. They have an intimidating presence and are called upon to fight for its governing body. While their tasks may be violent and ruthless, but simultaneous they obey a strict code of ethics. The juxtaposition of zealotry and chivalry create an conflict that is guaranteed to intrigue an audience.

The cowboy is much like the knight. They both have codes and conventions pertaining to combat, sexuality, loyalty and honor. King Arthur and his Knights went on a quest for the holy Grail, while in a western a cowboy goes searching for a fugitive to claim a reward. While the cowboy and the knight physically appear different they are essentially the same characters. The world of the western is much different from mediaeval Europe, but the hero is a constant in any setting. Later westerns are similar to the gangster film considering the hero is often in opposition of the law. The gangster character tends to be religious, have strong family values, a sense of honor and values friendship highly, yet they murder, cheat on their wives and theyre pathological liars.

In contrast, vivian allows herself time to thoroughly think a situation through before she acts upon. When vivian received a letter demanding five thousand dollars for nude photos of hersister, she knew it was in Carmen s best interest to pay off joe brody. The woman saidthere was a police jam connected with it and I d better lay it on the line fast, or I d betalking to my little sister through a wire screen. 53)Both vivian and Carmen act abruptly, but the reasons for their behavior differ. Carmen s actions appear blunt because she is daring and indecisive. During Carmen andPhilip Marlowe s first encounter Carmen say s, you re cute.

I m cute too. 4) vivian s cruel disposition allows her to be abrupt. In an argument between vivian andMarlowe she declares in rage, my god, you big handsome Brute! I ought to throw a buickat you. 16)vivian and Carmen s characters are of a strong and controlling nature. The ladiesappear to be similar, but when it comes down to their decision making skills andintelligence, looks are deceiving.

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214)Carmen and vivian Sternwood possess animalistic qualities. In their first meeting, Marlowe notices Carmen s teeth. She came over near me and smiled with her mouth andThe had little sharp predatory teeth, as white as fresh orange pith and as shiny asporcelain. 3) Philip Marlow e compares vivian Regan s facial expressions as to those of thesis puppy. When I looked back she had her lip between her teeth and was worrying it likea puppy at the fringe of a rug. 17)The level s of intelligence the ladies have, cause them to contrast. Carmen, unlikevivian, base her decisions solely on her feelings and not by the facts. When Carmenconfronts Eddie mars about her photos she says, i want my pictures joe. 79) Thelittle revolver Carmen pointed at joe brody s face proved she meant business.

the big sleep essay

After finding Carmen naked in his bed, PhilipMarlowe says, i ll give you three love minutes to get dressed and out of here. If you re not outby then, i ll throw you out-by force. 147) vivian used her fathers money to heradvantage. After learning about her husband s death, vivian abruptly pays Eddie mars todispose the body. Vivian says to Philip Marlowe, i did. I did just what you said. Iwent to Eddie mars.

story that was fake he used both fact and. Big Sleep Essay, research Paper, big Sleep Carmen Sternwood and vivian ReganRaymond Chandler, the author of The big Sleep, portrays General Sternwood sdaughters as beautiful, abrupt, yet untamable young ladies. Carmen Sternwood s bold andimmodest behavior gets her into many undesirable situations. Because she does notconsider the consequences of her actions, she often makes rash decisions. Conversely, vivian carefully thinks out situations before she acts upon them. Vivian s ruthless andpretentious attitude allow her to be painfully blunt to anyone she comes in contact with. The two ladies appear to be alike, but a contrast in levels of intelligence and behavior causethem to differ. As the daughter s of a wealthy businessman, carmen Sternwood and vivian Reganare accustomed to getting what they want. However, their father s money could not buy acarmen a night with Detective marlowe.

Besides, i don't have a good enough memory to remember lies. Truth is easy because it always. I think to Edward Bloom truth means what he feels or what he felt when he is telling or when he experienced the stories moliere he is telling his son. The truth is very important to Edward bloom because he feels that the way he tells his stories have a true meaning to him. Edward Bloom believed truth was however you will like it to because he thinks that if you think that his stories are not true he will not really care but he will still ask you what does truth mean to you meaning that you could. You could think his stories are false and fake but the truth is that Edward bloom is narrating what he felt during these stories. If a story has all the facts but none of the emotions it would still be true. But not the normal kind of true, would be like singing without even trying it would just be a boring story with really boring events happening in the story. I think thats why Edward bloom exaggerated in the stories he told.

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Anggelo take home response Essay to big Fish ela 10-1. In the movie big fish one of the main topics about the plot is truth or lies. The word has a lot of meanings and lots of ways to express. In the movie, edward Bloom tells a lot of stories about his life. His son thinks story he doesnt really know his dad because he thinks that the way he tells his stories about lies are false, either that or he will jump into a conclusion thinking that his stories are over exaggerated. To me truth is not a word but a way of life. Living an honest life. Being true to your family and friends. Sometimes truth is hard but a lie is always harder.

The big sleep essay
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  6. The, big, sleep is based on the 1938 novel by raymond Chandler by the same name. Philip Marlowe, chandlers detective hero, is always involved in complex. Big Sleep Carmen Sternwood and vivian ReganRaymond Chandler, the author of The big Sleep, portrays. Research Paper On Big Fish.

  7. Big, sleep, carmen Sternwood and vivian ReganRaymond Chandler, the author. The, big, sleep, portrays. Big, sleep, essay, research Paper. The, big, sleep, portrays General.

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