I need a mission statement

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i need a mission statement

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Determining your mission statement is not something to consider lightly. It carries weight in guiding as you plan and serve the lord and others in ministry. It acts as a filter and helps you stay focused on your best area and actions in ministry. Without a strategic mission statement, you may feel drawn to many different ways to serve in ministry. Sometimes a good thing can draw you away from fulfilling your God-ordained purpose. Believe me when I say, this will be a struggle in ministry. However, with a clear mission statement, you have set a standard that helps you answer the question, Is this my best direction for ministry? Numbers 13 is the Scripture passage that God gave me as I worked through the various stages of getting my ministry started.

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Mission statements have been a part of my life since god called me and commissioned. I discovered the need for a mission statement when I led the womens ministry in my home church fourteen years ago. Eleven years ago i was in the beginning stages of developing OnFire ministries. Once again I recognized the need for a mission statement because i saw the usefulness, guidance, role and focus I found in taking this important step. Proverbs 29:18 says, where there is no vision, the people perish: but he that keepeth the law, happy. Obviously vision is important. My current blog series is about getting your ministry started. Here are my last three blog posts: Step four of getting your ministry started is establishing your ministrys mission statement. A ministry mission statement is a filter that keeps you focused and on purpose. Your mission statement is a plumb line. It connects to gods calling and purpose in your life and to those you are called to minister to, as well as, your key role is in ministering to them.

Today your report task in the 31 day project is to articulate a mission Statement for your blog. I wont rehash all of my reasoning for having a mission Statement and tips for writing one because ive previously written about. Mission Statements as part of my previous series. Strategic Blogging (head back for a read as part of your task today). However I will say that knowing why youre blogging is really important because it will give you direction as well as a framework to review whether youre being successful. So whats your blogs Mission Statement? Why does your blog exist? Feel free to share your answer in comments below.

i need a mission statement

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Put some thought and effort into your mission statement, but at the same time, dont overthink it either. Keep it simple and clear and concise. This is a pretty decent formula for creating a mission statement, and it should get you on the right track! After youve written it, put it somewhere on your site asap! After that, go read the thing every time you start to write a new blog post and make sure youre doing everything right! Blogs happen one tiny piece at a time, and before long, youll have a massive and quite epic blog business going. Posted by, darren Rowse 28th of August 2007, miscellaneous Blog Tips.

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i need a mission statement

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Figure those questions out. Once youve answered those questions, work on putting them together into one sentence. You want youth it short and sweet you want to get right to the point. You want to fill in some blanks the what, the who, and the how. Youre going to do what for who and how will you do it?

Ie my mission is to simplify dieting for low carb dieters by providing them with simple low carb recipes. Simplifying dieting, im doing it for, wHO? How am I doing it? By providing low carb recipes with my blog. And like magic, its all done!

If it does not line up with it, hold up a minute and re-evaluate what youre writing. You dont want a blog full of a bunch of random topics with no direction. If that happens, you just wont get many customers. Youll be confused, your readers will be confused (if you manage to keep any readers). Now that i know all of that, how do i make a mission statement? Now that ive cleared all of that up for you, and you now know what a blog mission statement is, its time to create one!

If youve already got one, however, think of this as a good time to just read over it and make sure its still good. Think about these things: What do you want to accomplish? What are your blogs goals? Who is your target audience? What are their pain points? How will you solve these problems? What sort of content and product/s will you deliver? Think about those things and start scribbling on some paper.

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What is it all about? What are you trying to accomplish? The mission statement will help you to clarify it to yourself, and it will serve as a constant reminder. Are you writing a new article for your blog? Check your mission statement, and then think about. Is this new blog post lining up with what your mission statement says? If it is, then good!

i need a mission statement

It also tells you who and what you are. This is super important. Ive confused myself on numerous occasions and sometimes ive lost focus on what it is Im trying to provide with my business. This tends to happen to many people maybe even all of them. Think of your blog as resume an outline. Youve got various parts and topics and pages going. Your mission statement acts as your title.

arent getting the information that we want in just a few seconds, then we move on to the next link in our google search page. It happens fast so make sure you write your mission statement, and also make sure that its easy to see. If a reader sees your mission statement and says hey, they do exactly what I need, lemme email them! Then you did a good thing. If they read it and say eh, they dont quite offer what Im wanting then they move. Thats also a good thing. You want to grab the people that will give you money, and you dont want to waste the time of people that wont give you money. Nor do you want to be wasting your time with people that you really cant help. (you also dont want to be wasting their time!).

That one sentence describes who and what you are your philosophies and your goals as a business. This helps to tell your customer exactly nurse what you do and how and if you can help them, and it also lets you remind yourself about the same things. Why you need a blog mission statement. A mission statement will help to paint a picture in your mind and your customers mind about what youre about. That will have a huge positive impact on your business! I just mentioned these, but its worth putting both points into big bold letters as a reminder. It tells your audience who and what you are.

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Something that i always thought was for the large corporate businesses that just wanted to take up some extra space on the wall, or for die hard corporate sheeple. It took me a few years to finally get. Mission statements are actually important, for every business large or small, and everything in between. That means this includes you and your blog as well, no matter how small yours. What is a mission statement? Just to clarify things a bit, lets talk about what a mission statement actually. Its very short plan and it gets straight to the point.

I need a mission statement
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  1. Look, we all know, mission. Statements can be a joke. Having a mission Statement is part of defining your companys goals and direction. I m going to explain to you in detail why you need a blog mission statement.

  2. Have you ever thought about having something to guide your blogging decisions? This post is part. If a reader sees your mission statement and says hey, they do exactly what. I need, lemme email them!

  3. use their mission statement as a rallying cry to go get em! They then mount their statements. Do you have a blog mission statement?

  4. Wtf is a mission statement and why do, i need one? what they need is a completely new mission statement or a refresh on their current. Do, i really, need, a mission.

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