Presentation on allama iqbal in english

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presentation on allama iqbal in english

Religious poetry

Quwwat-e-baazoo-e-muslim ne kiya kaam tira! Tell me, lord, if anyone ever invoked Thy name, the strength of Muslim arm alone restored Thy fame. _ bas rahe the yahin salijuq bhi, toorani bhi, ahl-e-chin cheen mein, iran mein sasaani bhi, there was no dearth of peoples on this earth before, turkish tribes and Persian clans lived in days of yore; isi maamoore mein aabad the yunaani bhi, isi duniya. Par tire naam pe talwar uthai kis ne, baat jo bigri huri thi who banaai kis ne? But who in Thy holy name raised his valiant sword, Who set the things right, resolved the rigmarole? _ the hameen ek tire maarka aaraaon mein! Khushkion mein kabhi larte, kabhi dariyaon mein, we were the warrior bands battling for Thy cause, now on land, now on water, we the crusades fought. Di azaanen kabhi europe ke kaleesaaon mein, kabhi africa ke tapte hue sahraaon mein.

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The power of speech emboldens me to speak out my heart, i'll sure be parvana's damned, i know, if fault my god. _ ai khuda shikwa-e-arbab-e-wafa bhi sun le, khu gar-e-hamd se thora sa gila bhi sun. Hear, o lord, from the faithful ones this sad lament, From those used to hymn a praise, a word of discontent. Thi to maujood azal se hi teri zaat-e-qadim, phool tha zeb-e-chaman, par na pareshan thi shamim; Enternally were you present, lord, eternally omniscent, The flower hung upon the tree, but without incense. Shart insaaf hai, ai, sahib-e-altaf-e-amim, boo-e-gul phailti kis tarah jo hoti na nasim? Be thou fair, tell us true, o fountsinhead of grace, how could the scent spread withoutthe breeze apace? _ hum se pahle tha ajab tere jahan ka manzir, kahin masjood the pather, kahin maabood shajar, The world presented a queer sight ere we took the stage, stones and plants in your stead were worshipped in that age. Khugar-e-paikar-e-mahsoos thi insaan ki nazar, maanta phir koi un-dekhe khuda ko kyonkar? Man, being inured to senses, couldn't accept a thing unseen, how could a formless God impress his senses keen? Tujhko maalum hai leta tha koi naam tira?

On August 14, 1947, a separate homeland for the muslims came into being. The dream of the poet of the east had come true. Kyon ziaan kaar banun, sood framosh rahoon fikr-e-farda na karum, mahw-e-ghum-e-dosh rahoon? Why should i abet the loss, why forget the gain, Why forfiet the future, bemoan the past in vain? Naale bulbul ke sunoon, aurhama tan gosh rahoon, hamnawa main bhi koi gul hoon ke khamosh rahoon? Hear the wail of nightingale, and remain unstirred, Am i a flower insensate that will essay not say a word? Jurrat aamoz miri taab-e-sakhun hai mujhko, shikwa allah se khakam badahan hai mujhko.

presentation on allama iqbal in english

Jamia ashrafia - pakistan

So he inspired the essay muslim youth. His concept of Khudi gave a new life to resume the nation. This concept set them to action. Allama Iqbal's greatest service to the nation was his famous address at Allahbad in 1930. The All-India muslim league held its important session there. Allama Iqbal presided over this session. In this address, he presented before the nation the idea of a separate homeland for the Indian Muslims. This idea gave a definite direction to the struggle of the muslims of India. Unfortunately, he died in 1938 and could not see his dream come true.

Lqbal disliked Western Culture. He takes slamic ideology as the only way of Success and prosperity in both words. Legends like liqbal are born beacon of success in both worlds. There are many features of labal's poetry. He has used the eagle as a symbol for the energetic Muslim youth. He has also presented the concept of "Khudi". The young generation was the main source of hope for labai. He firmly believed that only the young Muslims could change the fate of the nation.

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presentation on allama iqbal in english

Ya rab dil e muslim ko woh Kalam

He had a profound knowledge of Islam and other religions. He told the muslims that they could save themselves only by following their religion. So in his poetry he warned the muslims to beware their hidden enemies. Lqbal wrote in Urdu as well as in Persian. Many collections automate of his poems have been published "Bang-e-dara "Bal-e-jabri "Zarb-e-kalim "Asrar-e-khudi "payam-e-mashriq" and "javed Nama" are some of them. His poetry is rich as far as the beauty of style is concerned. He is expert in the use of the techniques of poetry.

Rich in imagery, this poetry has the beauty of sound also. All this gives force to his ideas. His poetry is an effective medium for conveying his thoughts. At the same time, it has the beauty of colour and sound as well. According to lobal, the destination of Muslims chases them if they only choose the right path. God Himself is gedicated to bestow muslims but it is our negligence, we lack devotion and will-power.

He had a natural talent for poetry. So he decided to make full use of this talent. His education of philosophy provided him a lot of food for thought. Politically, the Indian Muslims were passing through the most terrible time of their history. They were leading a life of misery and hopelessness. His poetry gave them a new spirit.

His poems awakened them from their laziness. They brought to their minds that the life of slavery was a curse. His poetry introduced to them the spirit of liberty. It also taught them that only Islam could be the solution to their problems. A labal was wise enough to look into the future. He had already seen that the hindus and the English had decided to crush the muslims.

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He student got his early education from a local school. After doing his matric, Allama Iqbal joined Murrey college from where he passed his intermediate. Then he went to govt. He did his. For the purpose of higher studies, he went abroad. From Germany, he did his. D, and came back home. On his return, he started his practice as a lawyer in Lahore. Very soon, he felt bored and gave most of his time to poetry.

presentation on allama iqbal in english

Words came easy to Iqbal but the answers to the tough questions of his romantic dilemmas did not. Maybe that is why he wrote, iqbal bara updeshak hai, mun baton main moh laita hai. Guftaar ka yeh ghazi to bana, kirdaar ka ghazi ban naa saka. Our online notes on, essay, story, letter. Mcqs, our national poet, Allama Iqbal, is the creator of the idea of pakistan. He is also called the poet of the east and the champion of the Islamic thought. He was born in sialkot in november 9, 1877. His father's name was Sheikh noor Muhammad.

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Teacher was Mollana mir. Hassan youth in Lahore. Graduated from buy gc university. Popularity as a poet His visit to europe. Done PhD from Munich ( Germany). Degree of Law from Europe. New thoughts begin to arise in his mind. Company logo, erick. Erikson, carl Jung Erich Fromm, personality of, allama, iqbal, abraham Maslow Henry murray hans.

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Please download to view, page 1, lOGO. Analysis of personality, company logo, company logo, contents 1 2. Brief Introduction of, essay allama, iqbal, personality of, allama, iqbal, analysis of work of, allama, iqbal. Criticism on, allama, iqbal. Company logo, hot Tip. Life sketch: Childhood in sialkot. Fond of reading books.

Presentation on allama iqbal in english
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Presentation of, allama Iqbal. Presentation of, allama Iqbal ;. New thoughts begin to arise in his mind Company logo Erick.

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  1. Allama Iqbal, powerPoint, presentation, ppt - docSlides-, allama Iqbal always emphasized on the separate and distinct image of Muslims in the subcontinent. Allama Iqbal his poetry. English literature and Arabic and obtained a bachelor of Arts degree.

  2. He was born in sialkot in november 9, 1877. Allama Iqbal (Lyrics, English translation and Audio) Sher-o-shayari you are here. Tags: allama iqbal, english translaton, Ghazal, Iqbal. Ideological rationale with reference.

  3. Essays - largest database of quality sample essays and research papers on Short Speech. Our national poet, Allama Iqbal, is the creator of the idea of pakistan. He is also called the poet of the east and the champion of the Islamic thought.

  4. In Written form information for kids youth on 9 november. Allama Iqbal, day speech with poetry in Urdu. English in pdf for class 3 6 and 7 that is best paragraph.

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